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I am a personal trainer and Crossfit coach in Brisbane.  I have been working in the fitness industry since 2007. I have had a passion for fitness my whole life. I have always played sports growing up; they varied from, karate to athletics, tennis, boxing, and touch football. I am a weight lifter and an elite Crossfit competitor.
I began Crossfit in 2010 and competed at the Australian Crossfit games 2011, I placed 26th in Australia. The World Crossfit games are held annually in California, America. It is my goal to compete at the world games and hopefully one day win the title “Fittest female on earth”. Since starting Crossfit I have formed a passion for weight lifting as weight lifting is a huge component of Crossfit. I started weight lifting in January 2012 and have shown potential to represent Australia at the Commonwealth games 2014. I have not been selected for the Australian weight lifting team yet but I am definitely in training for the Commonwealth games and believe I will be on the team.

I grew up in Dubbo, NSW and realised at a young age that if I wanted bigger and better things in my life then I had to relocate to somewhere that offered greater opportunity. I moved to Port Macquarie, which gave me my start in the fitness industry where I gained a lot of experience not only in the fitness industry but gave me the life skills I needed to mature, become independent and confident in the life I’m wanting to live.

I spent 3 and half years in Port Macquarie and then moved to Brisbane, QLD. Again I wanted bigger things. I achieved high levels in Port Macquarie and needed to grow.  I was improving as an athlete and needed the facilities to be the best I can be. Since being in Brisbane I have now found secured work and have all the support and facilities I need as an athlete.

I am a sponsored ambassador for a major Supplements company in Australia who supply me with all my supplements, shoes and training gear if needed for competition and any sports and nutrition advice I need. They are a huge support and push me to strive for higher things.